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False Ceiling Contractors In Kochi

Alden engineers is one of the best false ceiling contractors in Kochi, Kerala.

What's a False Ceiling? False ceiling is a fixed ceiling that hangs below the unique ceiling of a room or home. It’s generally suspended by rustic or essence surrounds and the print it carries of a lower ceiling sometimes with corridor of the original ceiling on display, has earned it the mark released ceiling.

Benefits of Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum board false ceilings are completely easy to install as they're extremely light in weight. These false ceilings feature noise and humidity sequestration parcels. They can be fluently casted into strikingly beautiful ceiling designs. They retain high fire resistance parcels along with complete continuity and versatility. These ceiling can be fluently decorated and stretched.

False Ceiling Contractors In Kochi | false ceiling contractors in keral